• Full Charge Bookkeeper

    Would you like to make your GOALS come to life?
    • Take charge of yearly budget creation and adherence
    • Review and track job budgets to actual
    • Project and maintain multi job work in progress
    • Produce weekly cash flow by managing customer invoicing and vendor payments
    • Manage all monthly reconciliations of accounts • Possess a solid understanding of general ledger functions
    • Fluent in QuickBooks Premier
    • Inspire our team to produce results

    Innovation, creativity, attention to detail and personal growth are the foundation of Tanglewood Conservatories.

    “… we seek to build a culture where it's exciting and powerful to set goals, work hard to achieve those goals and then set higher goals."

    “… I am challenged every day and love it! I have control of my future. One of the things I love the most is that I can set my own goals and the team, the company is supportive as I continue to grow professionally.”

    What are your goals?

    JOIN our diverse team at Tanglewood Conservatories where we help you produce results.

    The first step is to fill out our online application at www.tanglewoodconservatories.com/careers
    Stop by 15 Engerman Avenue, Denton, MD 21629 to fill out an application
    Or Call Sheryl at (410) 479-4700 

    Tanglewood Conservatories LTD
    An Equal Opportunity Employer

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