• Deputy Warden: Caroline County Department of Corrections

    Posted: 01/20/2023

    The Department: The Department of Corrections is responsible for operating the Caroline County Detention Center (jail) and the County’s Animal Control program.  The Detention Center is a secure correctional facility located in Denton, Maryland, on the bank of the Choptank River. Inmates can spend up to 18 months at the facility.  The Detention Center also houses inmates awaiting trial.  The Detention Center operates a wide range of program and services designed to rehabilitate inmates and facilitate their transition back into the community.  This includes the Community Service Program, weekend housing for persons assigned by the Court, the CARE program, and other programs/services.
    About the Position: The Deputy Warden position performs managerial work involving the administration of an adult correctional institution housing convicted and Pre-Trial detainees. Employees in this classification are responsible for directing program and ALL operational services. Employees in this classification supervise Correctional Dietary Regional Managers, Captain, Lieutenant, Correctional Maintenance Supervisors, Correctional Case Management Managers, Correctional Officer supervisor, and other staff.
    Employees receive managerial direction from the Warden or other designated administrator. Employees are subject to call-in during emergency situations. Work is performed in a correctional institution and employees may be exposed to inmates who may be abusive and hostile.
    The Deputy Warden is the principal assistant to the Warden which is the administrator of the correctional facility.
    The position has been determined to be exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act as promulgated in Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 541.1, Executive.
    Required Knowledge and Skills:

    • Working knowledge of the principles of supervision.
    • Working knowledge of the principles of inmate classification.
    • Thorough knowledge of the security, custody and control of inmates.
    • Thorough knowledge of correctional systems and standards.
    • Working knowledge of inmate behavior
    • Thorough knowledge and skill in the use and care of firearms.
    • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations and respond in an appropriate manner according to prescribed rules and procedures.
    • Ability to observe and remember incidents and to recall details such as identity of persons, location of items, conversations and sequence of events and actions taken during the incident.
    • Ability to work in a correctional facility setting where personal physical attack by inmates is a constant possibility and where the use of physical force to restrain inmates is a required part of the job.
    • Ability to write concise, accurate reports of events and incidents.
    • Ability to read, understand and prepare detailed reports.
    • Knowledge of the principles of management.
    • Knowledge of the principles of training and staff development.
    • Ability to interpret and explain detailed procedures contained in correctional regulations, institutional directives, and post orders.
    • Ability to recognize ineffective procedures and practices and develop alternative solutions.
    • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in written formats with other managers, officers, inmates and other correctional facility managers.
    • Physical ability to control inmates by force, when necessary, to defend oneself and other against physical attack by inmates.
    • Ability to withstand prolonged hours of work.
    • Ability to perform basic mathematical computations.
    • Ability to think logically and effectively analyze situations and use good judgment.
    • Ability to understand instructions and follow orders.
    • Ability to search for contraband and provide security.
    • Ability to provide custody and security of inmates including observing actions of inmates; to perform “pat” and/or “strip” search of inmates; restraining and securing sometimes assaultive inmates; and transferring and transporting inmates by walking or riding in various vehicles such as trailers, vans, buses, and other forms of transportation.
    • Ability to provide security for inmates performing technical skills such as construction, maintenance, laundry, food service and in varied industrial and agricultural operations which involve climbing stairs and ladders, climbing around the inside or outside of buildings.
    • Ability to respond quickly to emergencies; including climbing stairs and ladders while searching for escaped inmates; hearing calls for and/or calling for help; giving first aid at the emergency site; carrying an injured or unconscious person various distance to safety, up or down stairs and ladders; using force and/or deadly force, including the use of chemical agents and firearms, to control inmates.
    • Ability to read, review and properly apply information found in inmate record, which is related to the inmate’s health and safety and to the security of the prison; provide appropriate information to other personnel.
    • Ability to comply with all policies, procedures, rules, regulations and post orders.
    • Ability to work under potentially dangerous circumstance in a correctional facility.
    Essential Functions:
    • Must be able to read, write and comprehend information.
    • Must have normal vision or corrected vision with glasses or contacts
    • Read normal (typewritten) print
    • Correctly name and distinguish colors
    • See objects off to the side when looking straight ahead
    • See well at night or in dim light
    • Must have normal ability to hear (may be corrected with hearing aid)
    • Must have normal ability to smell
    • Ability to communicate effectively 
    • Must be able to lift, pull and push 75 pounds
    • Must be able to sit or stand for periods for 30 minutes
    • Must be able to climb stairs
    • Must be able to kneel for periods of 15 minutes
    • Must be able to bend to pick up or work on an item   
    • Must be able to determine if item is hot, cold, or slippery
    • Must be able to grasp items
    • Must be able to read and understand work orders, simple mathematical problems, and procedure manuals
    • May not suffer from claustrophobia
    Education and Training Requirements:      
    • An Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice or a related field AND five (5) years of Supervisory experience in a Correctional environment.
    • Graduation from an accredited high school or the equivalent, AND seven (7) years of Correctional experience AND four (4) years Supervisory experience.
    • Current certification required as a correctional officer with the Maryland Correctional Training Commission, or the ability to obtain certification.
    Required Licenses and Certifications:
    • Maryland Class “C” driver’s license or equivalent
    • Maintain Defensive Driving certification
    • Certified as a Correctional Officer in the State of Maryland
    • Officer in this class must attain certification as First Line Administrator within six (6) months of appointment
    • Officer in this class must successfully pass the annual mandated and approved in-service training.
    Upon an employment offer, applicants must submit to a substance abuse test and complete criminal background check. EOE
    Annual Salary: $71,314 – $90,384 Depending upon experience
    Deadline to Apply: February 4, 2023
    How to Apply:  Submit a resume and completed county application to: Caroline County Office of Human Resources, 602 Crystal Avenue, Denton, Maryland 21629. Call 410.479.4105 to receive an application by fax or email.  Applications can also be downloaded by http://www.carolinemd.org/DocumentCenter/View/1801. Save and complete application and email to: hrposting@carolinemd.org

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