• Shore Home Care is now VNA of Maryland - Shore

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    A New Name – The Same Mission

    Shore Home Care is now VNA of Maryland - Shore

     For many years, the professional clinicians and staff at Shore Home Care have served the Easton community and the region with quality healthcare in the comfort and convenience of home.

    With the announcement of a partnership between the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and LHC Group, the agency is taking on a new name – VNA of Maryland - Shore. With their combined experience, resources, and infrastructure, the two organizations – through affiliated agencies like VNA of Maryland - Shore – will be able to offer more families and patients the high-quality, efficient, and effective in-home healthcare they deserve.

    What is not changing is the agency’s commitment to Easton, neighboring communities, and the people they serve. VNA of Maryland - Shore will continue providing a full range of services from the same location – with the same local staff of highly trained clinicians and support staff professionals.

    With its new partners at LHC Group, the agency is embarking on a mission to enhance in-home healthcare services and make quality care available to even more people throughout the region. The health and well-being of patients remains the top priority, and agency staff members are committed to continuing the level of care they are known for providing.

    Home healthcare is convenient, cost-efficient, effectively reduces the risk of avoidable readmissions and supports faster recovery and patient independence. The specialized home care and therapeutic services provided by VNA of Maryland - Shore help reduce hospitalizations and allow many patients to live more independently and remain in their homes. For many patients, recovering in the comfort of home has a therapeutic value that enhances the healing process.

    Professional home health nurses, therapists, and social workers treat a wide range of medical conditions. They help patients recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, as well as people living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and many others. Home health also offers several specialized therapy programs.

    Under the direct supervision of their physicians, VNA of Maryland - Shore helps patients of all ages make the transition to the right kind of home care for their needs. The agency’s primary goal is – and has always been – the health and well-being of the patients and families it serves.

    VNA of Maryland - Shore values the relationships it has established with so many friends and neighbors through the years – and the staff looks forward to remaining friends and neighbors for many years to come.




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