• For All Seasons’ “Give With Your Heart” Campaign Shares Mental Health Stories

    For All Seasons’ “Give With Your Heart” Campaign Shares Mental Health Stories

     For All Seasons’ “Give With Your Heart Campaign” raised funds to continue its critical work to meet the increased mental health needs of the Eastern Shore. This virtual campaign underscored the importance of mental health and community connection. During the campaign, the agency shared meaningful stories through video interviews shared by its clients, community members, and board members.

    One video highlighted a former client and local business owner of Salon Sophia Tate. Heather Jones-Meredith recalled the significant challenges associated with her teenage son’s anxiety and the way that therapy changed his life. Jones-Meredith and her husband decided to bring their son to For All Seasons because their own parental tactics were not working. Part of the treatment their son received at For All Seasons involved the practice of journaling and over time, this led to his interest in composing music.

    She recalls, “He started writing music, so I thought, well, that's pretty therapeutic.”

    “For All Seasons helped him identify some of those underlying issues and helped him work through them creatively. Sometimes it takes someone outside of your family unit and outside of your home structure to help guide you,” she adds.

    Jones-Meredith’s son’s healing journey brought him to record songs. To date, he has four LPs and his music is on Spotify and iTunes. He has gotten some scholarships to college and is now on his way to some type of music career.

    For Jones-Meredith, the work of For All Seasons is tremendously important to our community. She adds, “I would love for the community to know how resourceful For All Seasons is . . . and how to just utilize some of the tools that they’re giving to our community.”

    “Without, For All Seasons, I'm not quite sure that we would be the parents we are. I don't know that I would be the wife that I am. I don't know that I would be the leader of my business that I am today. My hope for our community is that more people take away that stigma of a mental health illness. Let's unpack it and let's be better people, better community members, better friends.”

    Another interview shared during the campaign was with Michael T. Flaherty, Ph.D., of Tilghman, a For All Seasons Board Member and a Clinical Psychologist, who became aware after moving here of the mental health needs of the Mid-Shore, including domestic abuse, alcohol and substance use, depression, and anxiety.

    “This community has got so many things that are needed,” Flaherty shares.

    To meet the increased need for trained mental health professionals, For All Seasons is expanding its training programs for its own staff and other mental health professionals. Flaherty states, “It is committed to training the workers so that their quality is assured when people come in the door,” states Flaherty.

    “For All Seasons is taking on the burden, but also the responsibility that comes with that burden. You can't ask for more than that. For All Seasons is definitely on the path for the future. It knows the challenge and it knows what it has to do to meet that challenge and be accountable to this community. And that’s in the end what mental health is all about – community health.”

    Sponsors of the “Give with Your Heart” campaign include Presenting Sponsors ($10,000+): Bluepoint Hospitality/Paul & Joanne Prager and Warren L. Allen Family Fund; Healing Sponsors ($2,500): Shore United Bank/Wye Financial Partners; Hope Sponsors ($1,000): Easton Utilities, Ewing, Dietz, Fountain, & Kaludis, P.A., Tom and Cathy Hill, Marasun Roofing, Provident State Bank, Rise Up Coffee Roasters, St. John Foundation, Inc., What's Up? Media, Willow Construction, Help Sponsors ($500), Julyan Management Group, LLC, Orion Safety Products, Zuleika M. Ghodsi MD PC of Delmarva Laser Eye Center; Comfort Sponsors ($250): BPO Elks Easton Lodge No. 1622, Channel Marker, Tim & Sally Kagan, Karen Davis, State Farm Insurance, Kevertin Pet Resort, Piazza Italian Market, Schauber Van Schaik and ERIE Insurance, Schuman’s Cleaning Service, Inc., Seaford Presbyterian Church, and Sump & Associates; Care Sponsors ($100): Country Telephone & Communications, Crackerjacks, Inc., Graul's Market St. Michaels, Higgins & Spencer, Inc., Hill Report, Ltd., Lizzy Dee, Steward Writing & Communications, LLC, and The Orthopedic Center.

    Visit GiveWithYourHeart.org. Individuals can still help the agency meet its final fundraising goal and watch all of the “Give With Your Heart” campaign videos, including the culminating community music video.

    For All Seasons provides the highest quality mental health and victim services to children, adults, and families across Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Services are offered in both English and Spanish and include therapy, psychiatry, victim advocacy, 24-hour crisis hotlines, outreach, and community education. For further information, contact For All Seasons at 410-822-1018 or visit forallseasonsinc.org.

    Pictured is Heather Jones-Meredith, a parent, owner of Salon Sophia Tate, and a For All Seasons client.

    Pictured is Michael T. Flaherty, Ph.D., of Tilghman, a For All Seasons Board Member and a Clinical Psychologist.

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