• Welcome to the Caroline County Chamber of Commerce!

  • Discover the charm of Caroline County, where the welcome is as warm as the lifelong friendships you’re bound to make. Here, you’re not just a visitor or a new resident; you’re part of the family. Experience the best of small-town living, surrounded by idyllic farmland, tranquil waterways, and vibrant towns—all within an arm’s reach of the city’s pulse.

               Denton, Ridgely, Preston, Federalsburg, and Greensboro—alongside our quaint rural hamlets—paint a portrait of a county rich in tradition yet forging ahead towards a promising future.

              Caroline County is a thriving hub for businesses, both big and small. Our economic landscape is diverse, with agriculture, manufacturing, fulfillment, and transportation leading the way. We’re nurturing a community where our young can flourish.

              Our calendar is dotted with beloved events like Denton’s Summerfest, Ridgely’s Strawberry Festival, and the Caroline-Dorchester Fair, which knit us closer together!              

    Join us and feel the truth in our words: “You belong here!”

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