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    We repair Heavy to Light Equipment, Loaders, Excavators, Farm equipment, Forestry equipment, Forklift repair. Truck and trailers. Small trailers. Truck fame work. Wheelbase changes to fit your needs. Dock Lift repair.


    WW2 Dodge WC-63  Finished restoration
    WW2 Dodge WC-56 Finished restoration
    WW2 dodge WC-51 Finished restoration
    WW2 Dodge WC-3 Before work started
    WW@ Dodge WC-3 about Half way though restoration
    Peterbilt frame work. AXles coming out.
    Frame replacement
    New frame rails in place
    New frame rails in and finished truck
    Chesapeake College Driver Training Truck in for service
    John Deere 4044E in for service and clutch adjustment on the forestery winch
    The 1941 Dodge WC3 is all but ready to leave the shop after 9 months of restorations
    This is a 1941 Bren Gun Carrier. Manufactured by Ford of Canada for the Britsh.
    The Bren Gun Carrier power plant removed for work.
    Engine going back into the Bren Gun Carrier
    Engine and transmission set back in the Carrier
    1947 International KB7 full restoration about to be started
    starting the disassembly process
    The cab removel 1947 IH KB7
    engine removed 1947 IH KB7
    1940's V8 Flat Head Ford Engine being set back into a WW2 Bren Gun Carrier
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